Together we will unite the world, one cup at a time


During an expedition to the Galápagos Islands, I had the privilege of passing through some remote regions of Ecuador. This beautiful country is home to some of the most pristine ecosystems, many of which are mostly untouched. Along the hike, I passed through villages having the opportunity to meet with some of the indigenous farmers and families living off of and utilizing this land for generations. 

This versatile volcanic land shares the Andes mountain range along with numerous volcanos with scattered jungle terrain. This unique atmosphere with its Cool mountain breezes and rich volcanic soil produces an uplifting, unique coffee flavor that is so smooth and delicious; well balanced and rounded.

In a nutshell, this little bean unites the world as daily reminder of something we all have in common. The inspiration of these families on their grind, passing knowledge of this little bean down generational lines – Together we can unite the world, one cup at a time.